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Globally, the tumultuous corporate environment and volatile market conditions has raised the concerns of entire business community, thus requiring organisational transformations. The frequency, speed, and volume of business complexities, insolvency filings and bankruptcy are on the rise. Encountering these situations and looking for profitable Business Turnaround opportunities, companies, boards of directors, lenders, creditors, and investors around the world trust AAAPL Consulting for guidance and innovative solutions helping businesses achieve their true potential with utmost growth and sustainability.
  • Avi Adi Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (AAAPL) is India’s leading Corporate Advisory Company promoted to add significant value to the business enterprises creating win-win solutions through Business Turnaround, Debt Resolution Management (both amicable and litigation methods), Debt Restructuring, Contingency planning, Investor-Investee Relations and Alternate financing.
  • We are one of its kind, the first Business Advisors in India, offering highly specialized services in: i) Lender Advisory where we focus to understand the broad perspective of lenders and borrowers both. AAAPL is not a traditional Debt Recovery/ Collection Agency but we are an end-to-end strategic service provider for Debt Resolution Management. We help NBFCs resolve NPAs with amicable & fastest Debt resolutions via Comprehensive Legal support, Productive Customer Interaction and Stepwise guidance to the internal team with Assured Business sustainability & Relationship-building among all stakeholders.
  • We also offer a broad spectrum of Other Services categorized into ii) Investor Advisory iii) Investee Advisory iv) Business Turnaround and v) CXO Services.
  • This further comprises of customized solutions for Business Plan Development|Business process Improvements|Comprehensive Financial Health Checkups| Cash Flow and Cost Management| Working Capital Management| Auditing, Due diligences & Compliances| Litigation & Dispute Resolution| Negotiations & Settlements| Long-term & Short-Term Liquidity| Strategizing Investments| Fund Raising Options| Exit Strategy| Investor-Investee relations and many more.
  • AAAPL Identifies and addresses the dynamics of both, i) profitable businesses as well as ii) Corporates undergoing stress, challenges, volatility, potential insolvency, or change.
  • AAAPL is committed to providing its clients with one-stop, effective, viable and proven business solutions for Corporate Revival, Renewal & Restructuring with Sustainable Growth.

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Our Mission

Client Success is Our Priority; Inspired to Build, Perform and Grow, AAAPL aims to be a Centre for Excellence in Financial Management Practices & Customized Solutions.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to emerge as one of the best dynamic Customer Centric Leader with sharp focus on growth, observing highest standards of Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility.


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