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“Despite concerns surrounding the industry, we believe that with robust business models, strong liquidity mechanism, governance and risk management standards, the businesses can be well positioned to take advantage of the market opportunity.”

Today, as the pace of business is accelerating, competition is getting intense and business models are becoming specialized, thus general skills are no longer enough for the companies to thrive, especially in key executive leadership roles.

With an innovative & out of the box strategies, our forte lies in outcome-driven, recovery- focused and business revival advisory services that help answer the ultimate question of how the business will survive, revive and revitalize over the long term..  “Ajay Bansal”

  • As one of the nation’s leading Corporate Advisors, AAAPL provides C-suite leadership to organizations ranging from Start-ups to mid-market companies delivering profitable growth, talent management, strategic execution and operational efficiency.
  • Providing CEO, COO, CFO, CHRO services, we work closely with you to understand your unique business requirements and provide customized support based on your industry and operational model driving towards continued growth and profitability.
  • Our team is well versed in guiding companies through critical situations, assessing the factors & planning, and leading the company-wide or sectional changes in the areas of finance, operations, marketing, HR, and top-level strategies.
  • Our hands-on approach is based not only to advise leaders but to implement the recommended solutions across industries and geographies.
  • Different than most “Advisors”, we remain on-site to create a process of regular review and work through implementation as well as refinement of the work being implemented. To organize and drive the business, we work on-site developing strategies, sales plans, pricing, marketing strategies, finance functions, investment options, introducing bank facilities, alternate financing, and revenue growth plans. Aligning the business process with a set of very specific actions, plans, and metrics, we train and mentor the client’s staff and put the systems in place to ensure the process is truly impactful, repeatable, sustainable, and optimizing.
  • Through our CXO Services, AAAPL strives to innovate and bring unparalleled expertise to position our clients towards profitable success and growth.


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