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“With an innovative, out of the box yet practical strategies, our forte lies in outcome-driven, business revival advisory services that help answer the ultimate question of how the business will survive, revive and revitalize over the long term.”


Where do you turn to, when your business seems to be drifting without a clear strategy or plans? What to explore when you are out of ideas? Whom do you talk to about your most pressing unsolved business needs?

A business can suffer financial distress due to many causes such as market failure, poor management action plans, inefficient processes, financial fraud, Defaults, and now the impact of COVID-19. It ahead may cause a set of challenges to survive in the market.

Thus, every organization has moments when it becomes necessary to REBOOT, refocus, or “flip the entire script” in a major way. Turnaround management is a process dedicated to corporate renewal. It uses analysis and planning to save troubled companies and returns them to solvency, and to identify the reasons for failing performance in the market, and rectify them.

If you’re in a need of a true strategic partner with real-world leadership skills and hand-on-execution experience; AAAPL is there to share your specific business challenges.

Why we

Strategic Business Advisory

AAAPL through strategic business advisory practice enables its clientele to navigate through various business challenges, & build market value across their sphere. We offer advisory services to such companies that, are struggling want to remain afloat, or those who want to improve their profitability further and are in the sectors which are about to revive.

Innovative Solutions

We deliver innovative solutions across geographies and industries & have helped companies create successful and game changing turnarounds, devising long and short-term strategies, implementing the recommended solutions and reorganizing for sustainable success and profitability.

Crisis Management

With years of experience and a high-skilled team, AAPL offers Business Turnaround Services to resolve the crisis management and our end-to-end turnaround management service assists businesses in resolving their financial distress and transform it into profitability.

Customized Solutions

We leave no stone unturned to get your business back on track for new growth. Our short and long-term financial turnaround strategy benefits the business to survive and witness remarkable success. We, as turnaround consultants provide tailored programs for the business while addressing the concerns, risks, and future outcomes.

Decisive Timely Actions

AAAPL experts bring the strategies distressed companies demand and are equipped with the unique skill-set to identify the root problems and implement the most effective solutions. That includes the ability to take informed, decisive actions on a short timeline, to get results with minimum resources, managing cash flow, negotiations with on-alert bankers, investors and creditors.

Our Scope of Services

Gap Analysis

AAAPL Understand Client’s needs & client’s business and Conduct a thorough analysis and review and help fill functional gaps and oversee business transformations through Channel Strategy & Management Support for Start Ups & SMEs.

Legal & Marketing Consultancy

Developing Risk Mitigation Strategy, Systems & Audits, we also provide Portfolio Management guidance along with Marketing and Legal Consultancy required during any disputes with the customers, debtors, creditors, investee or investors and work as a dispute redressal mechanism.

Complete Rescheduling

We Reschedule business from all angles, Defining the solution & delivering positive Financial & Operational restructuring, cost structure studies and process improvement.

Implementing Solutions

We help Profiling of products and markets, Finalisation of Financial & Commercial structure, creating a comprehensive strategy, Defining and Implementing the solutions & delivering positive, effective, cost-effective results.

Cost Reductions & Process improvements

We comprehensively offer services in managerial, financial and legal including fixing financial decline through cost reductions, hidden losses, repositioning in the market, streamlining processes, restructuring debt and even revive the companies through bankruptcy.

Corporate Restructuring

AAAPL Business turnaround management performs a critical assessment of the company’s business plan and long-term financing positioning. Advising on optimal utilisation of resources; we provide tailor made solutions to replace/ restructure the existing high-cost debt with low interest and execute the plan of corporate restructuring to improve the business performance & its efficiency.

Negotiations, Settlements & Alliances

Negotiating with the financial lenders, we help Arrange funds, strategic alliances, investment participation or takeovers and reorganise bankrupt companies to make them interesting to investors; thereby carrying out the best deals throughout building trust and relationships with all the stakeholders.

Due Diligences

Conducting Appraisal of units to ascertain medium and long-term viability; we support in successful Due Diligences, Documentation & Certifications (pre/post disbursement) Thus, AAAPL collaboratively work-on-site, Together with Clients for Successful Turnaround Management benefitting Corporates through pioneering solutions as per their business type, current scenario with a positive commitment to scale the business reach its truest potential.


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