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Decoding Your Business Challenges Differently
Your Faith, Our Expertise, Profitable Deals


Enterprises these days look for Angel Investors/ Venture Capitalists or raise the funds required for their business via a private equity route. As a result of the demands of this particular sector, the industry is quite different from what it was before. Earlier banks or bonds were the means, but Debt is an old school now. What’s in rage these days is to win investors & raise funds!

But The investment industry is small, ‘niche’ and highly organized, with only a few thousand big investors in the market. Hence the complete process of finding a suitable investor, raising appropriate investments/funds, receiving projected returns and maintaining healthy relationships with the investors throughout the entire tenure is a big challenge.

Moreover, if any such adverse events arise, the clashes and unhealthy relationships among the stakeholders not only damage the reputation of the investee company but also permanently closes the doors for future investments from the same or other investors due to the bad name in the market.

So AAAPL is here to provide strategic guidance starting from identifying the key opportunities, delivering a smooth investment process, mitigating various challenges, maximizing profits and confidence-building among all the stakeholders.

Stage I

  • It is observed that in order to achieve their target of fund-raising, investee companies make optimistic projections for the future to attract investors, but most of the time, they fail to find any suitable investors who agrees to invest the desired funds on desired terms and this may take even months and years and without any success too.

Our Role:

  • With a strong network of international fund houses, PE players, FIs, and banks, AAAPL introduce and arrange such potential investors to the growth as well as established companies that needed funding for the successful growth of their businesses.
  • We conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis for both potential partners providing a competitive business plan presenting about the future of the investee company and make a Strong case for investment to the suitable investor explaining the great value to both parties.
  • Keeping the business model, growth, expansion plans & the overall structure of the business in mind, we consistently work on trust-building with the investor to achieve the possibility of repeated investments/fund infusions during tough times or for some special opportunities, etc.

Stage II

  • Next step is the Due Diligence process which has to be stringent and flawless because the entire investment transaction depends upon the successful Due Diligence.
  • Also Sometimes, Investee has been able to get the investor but is stuck in the process of Due Diligence due to the Investor’s own internal team/ external agencies.

Our Role:

  • AAAPL studies the Complete Business model and works as a catalyst, helping investees carry out the timely and successful Due Diligence process.
  • Before the actual process starts, we indulge in pre-Due Diligence so that we know the gaps in the Investee’s Case and suggest ways to remove them timely or prepare the justified explanations of the case so that when the investor’s team finds such gaps, the investee is able to convince them about the reasons and available solutions.
  • Sharing best practices, we help the Investees add value to their existing portfolio and make effective presentations/MIS/reports/documentations etc. to present before the investor’s team.
  • We also interact with the investors team to know their expectations so as to achieve the target of preparing an Impactful Due Diligence Report which further result in ensuring Investment/Fund Raising.

Stage III

  • There may be a possibility that Investee has been able to get the investor and have successfully passed through the Due Diligence process and have raised funds already, which is on the basis of given projections of the investee but now they are not been able to achieve the desired returns/profits as anticipated.
  • Internal problems, disputes, diminished valuations, changing attitudes and preferences, below par returns or any such unprecedented circumstances or factors may lead to the Investee not realizing the projections.
  • Such a scenario may lead to a dispute between investee and investor which may escalate into a legal battle.
  • Occasionally, the investor’s stake in the business increases so much that the investee even loses the decision-making powers, which may further worsen into a permanent takeover, fragmentation of talented teams, etc.
  • Repeated Hit from all sites due to persistent legal battles, disputes with investors/bank/regulators and repeated financial hits as there are no revenues due to closure of business leads to complete deterioration of Investee’s goodwill in the market restricting further funding.

Our Role:

  • We come before, during and after such adverse happenings and conduct thorough study of the factors responsible for not achieving the expected projections/hidden reasons/losses.
  • We also suggest, improve and implement processes and methods and convince the investors about the reasons of poor results along with effective solutions for improvement in profitability and ROIs.
  • Converting such failed investments into successful and profitable deals, AAAPL helps in confidence-building, further fundraising, and maintaining healthy relations between investor and investee ensuring sustainable growth and wealth maximization for all the stakeholders.



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