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A Distinct Approach To Debt Resolution Management

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In the past few years, volatile market conditions and business interruptions are bothering the entire community thus requiring organisational transformation. Globally, the frequency, speed, volume and complexity of business bankruptcy and insolvency filings is on the rise.

Encountering these situations and looking for profitable business revival opportunities, companies, boards of directors, lenders, creditors, and investors around the world trust AAAPL Consulting for guidance and innovative solutions. We are one of its kind leading advisory firms in India helping businesses achieve their true potential with utmost growth and sustainability

With an innovative & out of the box strategies, our forte lies in outcome-driven, recovery- focused and business revival advisory services that help answer the ultimate question of how the business will survive, revive and revitalize over the long term..  “Ajay Bansal” Founder Director.

About us

  • Avi Adi Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading Corporate Advisory Company promoted to add significant value to the business enterprises creating win-win solutions through Business Turnaround, Debt Resolution Management (both amicable and litigation methods), Debt Restructuring, Contingency planning, Investor-Investee Relations and Alternate financing.
  • We are one of its kind, the first Business Advisors in India, offering highly specialized services in: i) Lender Advisory where we focus to understand the broad perspective of lenders and borrowers both. AAAPL is not a traditional Debt Recovery/ Collection Agency but we are an end-to-end strategic service provider for Debt Resolution Management. We help NBFCs resolve NPAs with amicable & fastest Debt resolutions via Comprehensive Legal support, Productive Customer Interaction and Stepwise guidance to the internal team with Assured Business sustainability & Relationship-building among all stakeholders.
  • We also offer a broad spectrum of Other Services categorized into ii) Investor Advisory iii) Investee Advisory iv) Business Turnaround and v) CXO Services. 

Our Services

In the past few years, the financial sector has witnessed a significant transformation in India. The financial Institutions like NBFC’s and Banks, are facing an increasingly difficult scenario with default incidents, low or no recoveries compounded by a wave of regulations, resulting in ever increasing NPAS. The entire sector is burgeoning with loan defaults, liquidity challenges, cash crunch, unresolved cases, high cost of capital and restricted further lending. AAAPL is one such Strategic Service Provider for End-to End Debt Resolution Management, and a seasoned professional entity that offers efficient risk detection, management, and mitigation mechanisms to deal with the crisis.

Investee Advisory Services

With a strong network of international fund houses, PE players, FIs and banks, we introduce potential investors, support smooth due diligences, convert jeopardized investments to profitable deals and help maintain healthy relations among all the stake holders.

CXO (CEO/CFO/COO, etc.) Services

Providing CEO, COO, CFO, services, we work closely with you to understand your unique business requirements and provide customized support based on your industry and operational model driving towards continued growth and profitability.

Investor Advisory Services

We help enable effective two-way communication between the portfolio company, the investor, and other constituencies, bridging the gap between futuristic projections and reality. As a catalyst to seamless due diligences & dispute redressal mechanism, we ensure investments to be a promising and lucrative project.

Business Turnaround Services

We work on-site developing strategies for sales, pricing & marketing, finance functions, investment options, alternate financing and revenue growth plans so as to comprehensively turnaround the businesses into a sustainable, optimizing and profitable ventures.

Who We Cater?

Serving & helping prestigious mid/large-size Organizations, MSMEs, NBFCs, Financial Institutions and Corporates across several industry verticals, AAAPL maintains strong business network and collaborative relationships with important stakeholders, commercial banks, industry associations, courts, private equity investors, advisers, lawyers, lenders and other debt-financing sources.

With global partnerships across the world with leading market intermediaries–International FIs, MNC Banks, PE Funds, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Investment Banks, Legal & Accounting Firms, Team AAAPL has been advising clients like Reputed NBFCs, Manufacturers, Real Estate Giants, Telecomm Sector, Retailers, etc.

We deal with several trades who are borrowers of machinery loans from NBFC like Intec Capital Ltd/Electronica Finance Ltd/Magma Finance (Now Poonawala Finance)/ Religare / IIFL etc.

We demonstrated problem-solving expertise and working solutions to Corporates like: SPL, Shivalik, Gallium, Elkay Telelinks, Elkay International, SPL Overseas, KR Pulp & Papers, Vishal Megamart, Century Metal Recycling Pvt. Limited, JSSI, Condor etc.

Our Expertise

Debt Resolution Management

Investment Banking


Business Turnaround

Our Goals

Whether the target is to boost up the performance of a healthy company or to guide the stakeholders for recovery and insolvency compliance; finding a suitable investor or investee, AAAPL goal is to work closely through the most challenging situations to maximize profits with cost-effective solutions.
AAAPL delivers top-level engagement and attention to each client and proudly achieves favorable outcomes consistently.

More Than 22 Years Of Experience

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Resolved NPA Cases
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Debt Resolution
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Strong Data Compilation
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Positive Arbitrations (Almost Impossible Cases)
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Settlement In Pipeline
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Fund Raising
Business Revivals

What Sets Us Apart?


We are trusted by clients for Lender Advisory, Corporate Recovery, Restructuring, Litigation Support, Financial Management, CXO(CFO/CEO/CRO) Services, Due diligences, Investment decisions, Process improvements and Complete Business Turnaround solutions provided under one roof.


We incredibly and successfully handle cases for profitable businesses as well as Corporates undergoing stress, all type of Businesses, Companies, Proprietorship firms etc. thereby Serving reputed mid/large-size Organizations, MSMEs, NBFCs, Financial Institutions and Corporates across several industry verticals.


AAAPL boast of proudly resolving and deciding workable strategy for 800+ cases having debt of Rs.300 Cr. Including high-ticket and low-ticket cases.


Our partner-led approach provide resolution of cases end to end for all challenging business situations; be it business shutdown of the client, skipped customer, slower business volumes or any other complexities.


Our model of working is not solely based on recoveries through legal proceedings only. We devise litigation, non-litigation methods but we also opt amicable solutions and a different route, impactfully identifying and addressing the perspective of Business Borrowers as well.


We work closely with high-profile attorneys and lawyers for commercial litigations and disputes. We also thoroughly modify, restructure and built in-house team of internal lawyers if required, and aligned for a proper workflow of all the cases so as to smooth management of cases that yield grades.


We help find the best deals for both the investors and investee and help them maintain strong relationship amongst them and act as a bridge to settle down any disputes or operational issues, if any, throughout.


Moreover, with a vast pool of strategies, resources, information.


AAAPL boast of highly professional negotiation skills with Bankers, lawyers, Investors, Police Officers, Customers and who not, to steer the conversation and momentum towards achieving Case resolutions and Settlements.


We advise clients the best possible source of fund-raising options to improve cash flows. This not only helps them regularize their repayment obligations towards the lending Institution but also improve their businesses as well.

Strategy Development

We provide functional expertise in handling cases and ensuring recoveries in Civil /Company Law/ DRT/Criminal Act effectively liasoning along with EOW (Economic Offensive Wing) and Police. Be it completing the legal formalities, FIR registration, verification of addresses, preparing arrest memos, court proceedings, poor condition of cases, repeated non -performance, or non –appearances, dealing with RPs, our massive efforts and synchronised planning helps achieve the desired outcome.

AAAPL help devise strategies along with competent lawyers to effectively present the cases before Lok Adalat/District Court/High Court/Supreme Court and NCLT. We institute a formal plan that makes NCLT proceedings more efficient, doubling the number of court hearings we send people on and solved cases.

AAAPL offers all legal remedies available to lenders including Arbitration/ SARFAESI / IBC /NI Act/ Special relief Act | OTS (One Time Settlement) | OCS (Out of Court Settlement), COC/ Banking Meetings; RP Communications etc.

  • In many cases, we coordinated the cordial OTS (One- time Settlement) offer with Consortium Banks in a bid to settle the repayment dues to much lower amount than the outstanding.
  • We effectively undertake all due diligences and Compliances required like an extensive supervised repayment plan, The Balance sheets and Profit & Loss Accounts, Valuation of Assets Agreements,liasioning with statutory auditors, secretarial auditors, Banking Consortiums (Multiple Banks) meetings, loan syndication, Evaluation of proposals; Documentation; Credit/ Debit Information Reports; Representations; replies, Consortium Agreements; repeated follow-ups and so on.

We ensure recoveries by helping businesses to introduce a PE/VC investor or non-fund-based facility when they are not able to generate funds from banking channels etc. We help regularize or close the loans either by repayment, taking cheaper facilities from bankers or introducing different banking products like bill discounting and channel financing to borrowers.

Our Values

“ We are committed to provide highest quality service to our clients in a timely manner with utmost integrity and transparency upholding their reputations.  Simply stated: “Your Business is Our Business”. We offer customer centric solutions for various aspects keeping in mind the operational efficiency & financial effectiveness.  For years, our clients have benefitted from this real-world experience with confidentiality and trust. „






Case Studies

Business Revival of A Giant Retail Chain with a Debt Over 700 Cr. into a profitable venture with Turnover of 1500 Cr. growing continuously

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Turnaround of a Standstill Garment Export Manufacturer Losing Millions into a Group Company with Turnover Above 100Cr. With Zero Debt Today

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6 years pending Case where no plans for recovery as all businesses of borrower’s were closed, AAAPL diverted the settlement offer to 12-15 Cr.

AAAPL was the lender’s advisor for a case of regional Educational Institutions Mammoth (multiple Clinical Research Colleges). The case was ...
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