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PE investment has become a common practice nowadays and business houses are preferring PE investments over Debt due to multiple benefits. The unending calls for trips to a bank for a loan, the endless documentation, exorbitant interest rates & the fear of apprehensive compliances is what makes debt a lower preferred option. As compared to that, private equity is easy, lucrative & a shining opportunity. A lot of PE investors have come up in the market and such investments are been started by all big capital players like banks, large size fund managers, insurance companies and Private players including international fund houses also.

Stage I

  • The Fund houses/PE investors dreadfully explore good investment opportunities and have dedicated funds for specific sectors.
  • They are always in quest for such candid, honest and good companies with integrity that have huge potential to grow but are restrained by their limited financial capabilities, not having enough assets to mortgage to raise debt, un-willing to go for Debt and many other various factors.

Our Role:

  • We introduce such potential investee companies to the investor and provide our exhaustive services from the initial stage of sharing names and details of the investee company with the detailed qualitative and quantitative information that contributes the investors make informed decisions.
  • Offering a strategic guidance integrating finance, communication, marketing, and compliances, we help enable the most effective two-way communication between the portfolio company, the investor, and other constituencies.
  • We bridge the gap between the investor and an Investee and provide our end-to-end services throughout in the due diligence process and all the regulatory compliance needed till the end of actual investments made and stakes transferred.

Stage II

POST- Transaction Assistance:

  • Sometimes, even after the successful investments made, good project viability initially, and proper due diligence, there might be a gap in futuristic projections and the reality thus, the investor is not able to achieve the desired returns/wealth maximization as anticipated.
  • This could be due to multiple factors like diminished valuations, discouraged attitude, and disputes within their internal team and along with the investee and other advisory agencies.
  • The minor skirmishes between the investor and investee lead to major unprecedented circumstances further leading to legal actions between the parties.
  • The situation may worsen with possibility of Takeover of the Business which could increase the investor’s stake & reduce the stake of investee to such an extent that they lose their ultimate power of decision making and controlling rights.
  • The investee company may face permanent blacklisting from the investor’s list backed with bad name in the entire industry/sector. This further removes its possibility of any future investment completely. In such circumstances good team and talented people also leave, which may even result in complete closure of business activities.
  • And story does not end here, persistent litigations and disputes with investors, banks & regulators are still left with repeated financial hits as no revenues are generated due to the closure of business.  

Our Role:

  • We always stand before, during, and after such adverse and unhealthy events to beat the odds, and conduct a deep analysis for the factors, hidden reasons, and losses responsible for not achieving the expected projections.
  • Working as a dispute redressal mechanism in such diverse scenarios, we help refine operating models & prove to be the symbiosis between private equity firms and the portfolio companies so as to fuel the deteriorating association and restoring the healthy relationship between the investor and Investee.
  • We help coordinate meetings, release accurate financial data & briefings, and handle the crisis with our corporate governance, compliances and communication methodologies.
  • We also suggest, improve and implement processes and methods that can convert those loss-making investee companies into a successful profitable venture.
  • Thus, delivering robust, well-proven and fast transformational practices, AAAPL successfully convert such failed investments into promising and profitable projects ensuring further growth and wealth maximization to all the stakeholders.


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