A case with a Net POs of 60 Lacs was settled on more competent terms for approx. 1.25 CR with all the money received immediately

AAAPL established practical and strategic solutions to manage and monitor swift return to profitability to the client who lend to a business of agricultural and raw material commodities. In this case, the Net POs were 60 Lacs and no property was mortgaged and the company was locked 5 yrs. back; the Promoter’s house was even on home Loan and no chances of recovery were foreseen; NCLT has already ordered and rejected our claims. Then with our crisp business tactics, we made the customer agree for settlement and he offered 60-65 Lacs. Even the lender agreed on the same amount in order to close the case but finally, we settled it on more competent terms for approx. 1.25 CR with all the money received immediately.

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